Traveling with Pets

October 25, 2017

We all feel a pang of guilt when we go on a trip and have to leave behind our little furry friends. On one hand you want to bring them along but on the other you don’t know how convenient it will be. Will you be able to find pet friendly accommodations and how comfortable will they be at the destination you are traveling to. Before starting your trip, research and find out what places are pet friendly and also take into consideration what kind of pet you have and how well they will get along with other pets.


Picking your means of transportation

There are several options available for when traveling with a pet. Depending on the size of your pet, some airlines may allow them to travel with you at your seat, provided they are placed in an airline approved crate that will fit under the seat. If you have a larger pet then they will have to be checked in and stored with your baggage in a pressurized cargo hold. There is also the option of having your pet flown to your destination via an air cargo if you happen to be taking different flights or having them sent after you have arrived. If you are traveling by train or bus, make sure you read the rules and regulations on pet travel from their website as not all of them will allow pets.


Preparing your pets for travel

Whether you are traveling overseas or within the country with your pet, ensure you have prepared the following items:

  • Documentation – prepare all of your pet’s information including photo, contact information, health records, vaccinations, as some airlines and hotels may require proof of their health and vaccination.
  • Food and Water – pack extra water for your pets during the flight and bring enough food that will last them for the entire trip to avoid having to search the area for pet food stores.
  • Collar, leash, waste bags/litter box – always have a collar with tags on your pet and bring a leash and waste bag for when walking your dog or a litter box for your cat.
  • Other items may include their toys, blankets, wipes, grooming tools, etc. that will help them keep calm and clean during the flight and comfortable in a hotel.


Choosing accommodations

When booking your accommodations be sure to find out if they allow pets and what type of rooms are available for travelers with pets. Try and pick an accommodation that is suitable for your pet’s personality. If they do not get along with other pets then pick a place where they will not have much interaction with other guest pets. 

Be sure to also find out what other services are available for your pets. Some hotels may offer amenities such as waste bags, bowls, food, toys, or services such as pet sitting and dog walking. Also ask the staff for a list of nearby parks where you could take your pets.


Be prepared and enjoy

You may not always be able to take your pets with your on your travels but when you do it’s a good idea to be prepared. Be sure to research all the rule and regulations for your transportation and accommodations and create a check list of things that you need to bring and prepare prior to the trip. Remember to enjoy your trip and capture those moments spent with your little (or big) furry friend.